Mood Swing Collection

Max Kutz has added Mood Swing, an original abstract collection, to his numerous paintings. The creation of these dizzying, mysterious paintings somehow seems to capture tension, power, and the raw emotions of human behavior. As an exploration of moods and emotion in these nature-focused works Kutz aims to have painted observations of the human spirit.

MaxKutzAbout-newIn an interview with the artist, Max Kutz observes, “People are living art where daily mood is closely woven into other people, animals, and natural forces. The proximity and response to nature, in contrast to modernity, has inspired my work.” The reflection on the human spirit in the artist’s pieces is not a new concept and Max Kutz, based in New Jersey, takes great pride in his mission to convey relatable human experience and emotion in abstract artwork.

“The Mood Swing Collection” titles are derived from nature and comment on our innate tie to nature, even in concrete-laden cities.

“Sunrise” Mood Swing Collection 2014

Sunrise, a romantic painting that pulls light and color across the canvas in bold, rich strokes, shows the power of the sun reaching Mood-Swing-Sunset-side-2across the sky each dawn.




“Midnight” Mood Swing Collection 2014

Midnight, was designed and painted with a similar concept but the horizontal pulls of color across the canvas are somehow softer Mood-Swing-Sunset-side-1and have a fading, fluttering effect.



Sunrise and Midnight are just the first two of seventeen original acrylic paintings on canvas that will make up the entire Mood Swing collection. Max Kutz was inspired by many artists from around the world and right at home and used a wide variety of techniques to fully represent and capture his vision.

“Horizon” Mood Swing Custom Design

As a collection the pieces have a great deal of obvious design in common but each painting stands alone as a powerful description of our ties to nature and the response in human emotion as we pull ourselves farther away from it.


Custom Designed “Horizon” for Apartment in NYC