Angry Swan

Angry Swan

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  •   Canvas Print – Size 36 in x 24 in

  •     Photographed by Jake Danishevsky
  •     Print on Canvas
  •     36 in x 24 in
  •     Signed by Jake Danishevsky
  •     Stamped by Maximum Art Studios
  •     Mounting – Hanging Wire
  •     Gallery Wrapped Heavy Duty Canvas
  •     100% Cotton Duck Archival Quality
  •     Acid-free Titanium acrylic gesso primed
  •     Free Shipping in the United States, Delivery, 5-7 business days

“I don’t think this beautiful swan liked me taking pictures of his lady and this is the look he gave me to show me how unhappy he really is. Might have been a look of apology to show me that he didn’t mean being angry also.”

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Product Description

Jake Danishevsky“What I like about taking a “perfect” shot is that frozen moment in time. That perfect combination of beauty and uniqueness is what draws me to the shots that I like the most. Why wildlife? I enjoy taking pictures of wildlife for several reasons. It is challenging, fun and the best part, animals do not complain about the shot. They never dismiss a shot because of how their hair or make up is not to their liking. On the more serious note, I do enjoy wildlife shots, because of the unpredictable behavior of various species and how every shot has a life of it’s own.

One of the main reasons, why I photograph is to capture that one split second and the shot tells the story. There is no before nor after, but just one at a time perfect moments. I take shots of everything and anything, but the ones that I pick to be my favorites are the ones with certain personality. I hope you enjoy my work and find it as exciting as I have when I took all of those shots.”  ~~ Jake Danishevsky.

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