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Patient Goose Photo by Jake Danishevsky
Patient Goose FramedByJakeDanishevsky_001-1Blue Frame

Patient Mute Swan

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  •   Framed Canvas Print – Size 36 in x 24 in

  •     Photographed by Jake Danishevsky
  •     Print on Canvas
  •     36 in x 24 in
  •     Signed by Jake Danishevsky
  •     Stamped by Maximum Art Studios
  •     Mounting – Hanging Wire
  •     Gallery Wrapped Heavy Duty Canvas
  •     100% Cotton Duck Archival Quality
  •     Acid-free Titanium acrylic gesso primed
  •     Professional frame construction
  •     Free Shipping in the United States, Delivery, 5-7 business days

“Swan is a beautiful bird, but also big and intimidating at times. When a swan drinks from the lake, the drops of water dripping down are part of beauty and grace that one can appreciate watching this bird. That is exactly what I tried to portrait with and in this shot.”

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Product Description

Jake Danishevsky“What I like about taking a “perfect” shot is that frozen moment in time. That perfect combination of beauty and uniqueness is what draws me to the shots that I like the most. Why wildlife? I enjoy taking pictures of wildlife for several reasons. It is challenging, fun and the best part, animals do not complain about the shot. They never dismiss a shot because of how their hair or make up is not to their liking. On the more serious note, I do enjoy wildlife shots, because of the unpredictable behavior of various species and how every shot has a life of it’s own.

One of the main reasons, why I photograph is to capture that one split second and the shot tells the story. There is no before nor after, but just one at a time perfect moments. I take shots of everything and anything, but the ones that I pick to be my favorites are the ones with certain personality. I hope you enjoy my work and find it as exciting as I have when I took all of those shots.”  ~~ Jake Danishevsky.

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