The Passage of Light – Abstract

the passage of light

Original Painting – Acrylic on Canvas – 48 in x 60 in

Although an abstract painting, viewing Passage of Light might remind one of noise booming from stereo speakers, or fast movement; it may be compared to Futurist paintings. The canvas is divided equally in two and horizontally by whitish line. Multi-colored swirls dominate the bottom half; there is one other swirl in the top half but in that section, diagonal marks dominate. A brilliant pink cuts diagonally across the top like a flash. Altogether, this painting contains a more energetic mood when compared to Mirage of Colors, for example.

“The Passage of Light” © painted with Acrylic on Canvas by Max Kutz in 2014

Max Kutz

About Max Kutz

Max Kutz is an artist drawn to textures and the abstract. He prefers rich touchable effects and colors that he finds are possible to achieve with acrylic or mixed media. He is coming to understand the importance of making time for his passions. In recent years Max has had the opportunity to work with several galleries with some incredible artists.