Tropical Collection

Tropical Secret - Abstract
“Tropical Secret” – 2014

Artist Max Kutz’s Tropical Collection is an exploration of color and texture that perfectly conveys the sense and feeling of the tropics. The four original works in this collection pay tribute to his mastery of working with acrylic on canvas to create art that is both beautiful and contemplative.  The bright yet restrained pastel colors Max used will open any room where they are displayed, and impart a vibrant and fun mood to the setting. Each of the works in Max Kutz’s Tropical Collection is available for purchase in a number of formats, including as a stretched canvas print that retains the texture and beauty of the original.

Tropical Trombone
“Tropical Trombone” – 2014

Creativity is a personal trait that is encouraged and honed within the work place so it doesn’t make sense for a business to be devoid of creative expression. The inclusion of art pieces in work places, offices, and businesses show significantly positive improvements in customer relationships and overall job satisfaction.  Not only does art stimulate employees and offer visual distraction from mundane tasks, but it can also be a way to encourage creative thinking that will get people ‘out of the box’. As visually oriented creatures, we can often be inspired in quick glances without actually making a conscious observation.

tropical spiral
“Tropical Spiral” – 2014

Artwork that is bright and makes a visual impact can raise the morale of office mates and inject some fun, interest, and creativity with an artistic wall hanging!  Abstract art is a good choice to hang in the work place because everyone reads it and interprets it in a slightly different way. There’s no right or wrong with abstract art and this gets the creativity flowing when people took a long look at the piece and ponder its meaning and design.  Max Kutz creates original artwork that is fun and charming while still remaining accessible to the masses. His tropical abstract collection pulls together wide swooshes of color in geometric lines and curves.

tropical cocktail
“Tropical Cocktail” – 2014

The collection is comfortable and calm while still maintaining an energetic brightness in the bold color scheme.  Not only do the pieces of the collection pair well together but it also will fit into nearly any office design scheme and liven up the usual taupe and white walls of any conference room or cubicle.

Impress clients and create a more positive working environment by hanging Max Kutz’s tropical collection in your office or business.


Tropical Secret Painting in a hotel room